About Me - Tina Marie Photography

Hi, I'm Tina Christian, and I am a photographer in Dallas/Ft. Worth and surrounding suburbs, taking photos of special moments in life.  I grew up in a small South Texas town in a large family who cherished time spent together on holidays and vacations. I have had the love of photographs in my blood since I was a child when my family would often reminisce about our life's experiences by looking through old photos. I loved seeing my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings when they were younger doing activities that created a lifetime of memories. These times are memories that often pop up in my head often. I treasure the old photos I have of my great-grandparents and grandparents because it gives me a keepsake of my ancestry. Because of my personal experiences from these photos and occasions, I began my photography business. 

Tidbits about me:  I could eat Mexican food everyday; I have a little coffee with my creamer; Laughing is my go-to in all situations; Dogs and cats are family; This is my second career; Northwest Florida beaches are heaven to me; I love small towns; I'm a night owl at heart; White wine is a staple;  Hallmark Christmas movies are a must every year; Clumsiness is innate; People say I have a great eye for photography; Family is life; Trust in the Lord. 

I have no studio; I borrow from God's light and canvas to create memories. Capturing special moments in essential stages of life, catching the way natural light enhances a scene, snapping up various angles to complement a photo, and freezing natural moments in a photograph is my passion. I dislike awkward posing or forced scenarios, so my goal is to capture the essence of the people in the photos during natural interactions, but I will do some staged posing as necessary. I am open to creative ideas from clients and appreciate their input for this very personal endeavor. Loving your photos and sharing them is my goal for your investment. 

"Investing in memories one photo at a time"

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