<------------------------------- It's right here!  Take a look at photos that are sure to wow you and make you want to head to the altar now. I know you're anxious for your special day, but we've got a whole lotta planning to do before then.  I've got your back for the day, keeping you on track with timeline, photo checklist, and any unexpected situations that pop up. I carry a container full of all things unexpected. So, no worries. Tips for the day are handy and forthcoming since I have the experience to know what things work well.  Best advise is to plan, plan, plan ahead of time, so on your day of heavenly bliss, you can be confident that everything will fall into place. Allow me to fill up my memory card with photos of the two of you because this day is all about you. I believe your most important investment for this day is photos. After all, these are what you will have forever when the party's over, you walk the walk of life, you have children, and grandchildren, and grow old together. These photos are what you will have to share, gift, and remind you of this day. So, go ahead and hit the envelope above to inquire about a package. 

<-------------------- Couples - whether you are needing engagement photos, anniversary photos, holiday photos, or just because we love each other photos, this is your category. Browse through these couple's shots to see what is possible for your session. We can find a spectacular location to accent the love you have, dress to impress and show your personalities, and just go have fun with some standard posing and not so standard posing. 

<---------------------- Family is your most precious gift; the people in your life that will do anything for you - day or night. The ones you love most. The ones you didn't choose to be in your life but wouldn't want to live without. Take time to get photos of together times, special occasions, holiday celebrations, or just because. We all age, children grow up, grandchildren are born, parents age, and unfortunately, leave us. It may be agonizing to organize and get everyone together and make those decisions on outfits, but it is totally worth it. Cut out a 2 hour time slot away from running to practices, school,  jobs, appointments to get this done. So, put the phones down, disconnect, and let's do this thing called family and preserve these moments in time. 

<----------------------- Children! Is there any more sacred gift than a child? Children are our future, our legacy, our pride and joy. Children sessions take on the look of 1st birthdays, cake smashes, monumental rights of passage like quinceanera, bar/bat mitzvah parties, debutante ball, sweet 16, and anything in between. Photos of your children freeze moments in time that are never going to be here again. Make sure to get them in photos to revisit and take you back when. 

<-------------------- Remember the day you graduated from high school or college? Remember the feelings of accomplishment, pride, and relief? I'm betting you do.  After all, it took a lot of blood, sweat, and yes, tears to get to this point. The perseverance, the discipline, the dedication, and probably the sleepless nights were worth it. Celebrate this milestone in photos to commemorate the day and prove it happened. 

<------------------ Those 9 months of anticipation and waiting to see that precious baby in person will be here before you know it. There are two  times when you may want to get pregnancy photos. One is early on for a gender reveal. This usually happens about 16 - 20 weeks in after you have the results from your doctor. It's a perfect way to share the news with family and friends and make it a fun celebration. The second session will be about the 8th month of pregnancy to get the full belly beauty. Should the dad be in photos? Absolutely! The session will be a maternity/couple session combined, so to speak. It's also fun to bring along a sonogram, a little piece of an outfit for the baby or little shoes to throw into some shots. 

<---------------------------- Ok, I know having a baby brings out all the emotions. Tired has a whole new meaning. It's more like exhausted, walking zombie tired. You're overwhelmed with the responsibilities of this little human and getting some great lifestyle photos is probably way down on the list on the "To Do" list. Let's get this done and done and then it's over. Best time to set the session up is between 5 - 10 days after birth. Best place to do the session is in your home. Best way to get photos is just being yourselves in your natural environment, doing natural things in the day of newborn baby life. I don't do the wrap them up tight and put them in a basket type of newborns. I mean, I will want them wrapped or clothed, but the photos will be a little more casual and natural. Shots of details like nursery, sweet little feet and hands, and special items will be taken. Best people to have in photos is mom, dad, baby, and maybe a pet if wanted. 

<----------- Real Estate photography is a separate genre from lifestyle people types of photography. Totally different skills and equipment needed for these. Photos of each room in a home, a few aesthetic pictures of unique features in the home, and outside views are key. Great photos = great price for a sale. 

<----------------- Going here and there can spark some creative juices and provide some time to play around and get shots of things that aren't normally taken. For me, it's usually shots on a vacay, a not so normal weather event, furry pets, or animals in their habitat and freedoms. It's photos for no reason, just because I think it's cool. 

<-------------------- Events come around once in a blue moon, solar eclipse, or meteor shower time lapse. :-)  You know, like hardly ever!  They are fun to do for something different, if the time allows, if I'm needing a deterrent from mundane routines for a minute. 

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